ET in Mainstream Media Sources

Three articles about how we are being made aware of ET presence in our world.

ET in Religious TV

UFO sightings, alien invasion and Apocalypse featured as straight talk on God TV

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By Dave Masko

One of the “interesting things about,” adds Bray’s Point UFO “watcher” Errol is it links you to all sorts of current  news about UFO sightings worldwide.

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ET in Movies

Behind the fiction lie factual themes in alien movies

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Bill Altermatt, a psychology professor who  teaches a freshman science-fiction course at Hanover College, Indiana, said the  alien-invasion genre questions what it is to be human, with humans often caught  in the middle of high-tech intelligent machines and predacious monsters. They  have served as analogies for war, environmental destruction, corporate greed or  technology takeover. Human emotions and relationships provide counterpoint to  both extremes and affirm our humanity.

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ET in NatGeo TV

NatGeo sending messages to extraterrestrials

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By Jason McClellan

On Wednesday, June 13, the National Geographic channel (NatGeo) announced a project that will send crowdsourced messages to extraterrestrials who might be listening to Earth-based signals.

This “bold new social experiment” will take place on Friday, June 29 to coincide with the premiere of the new NatGeo series Chasing UFOs.

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