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    THANK YOU Mr. MARSHALL VIAN SUMMERS. To Evaluate: We know they are liars, malevolent, intervened since long ago.and more. Firstly you have to know your Rights as Human Beings. We Are Indisputable on the Right Place . “AT HÖME ” . This Planet EARTH, was given By our Creator : Genesis 1:28 ” God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. etc.” So any Intervention , or violation against these Rights are always wrong. Even a God may not Do it, because the Commandments of Mozes and Laws like “You shall Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself “are Divine standards. They have a Divine Origin and during the Exodus given by Jahweh to Mozes . If its dangerous in outer space : Its the aliens headache . These Are Your Rights in This COSMOS. And the duty of the aliens are to Respect THEM ! Its true aliens are at 3 places 1. There where you see or saw one or more 2. There where you don’t see any 3. And in outer space . To solve the presence of malevolent aliens is absolutely to combine the best solutions we know with the Ethical approach by clasping them in The Constitutional order. The Order as we know in States with Laws, regulations, Order, good manners, decency, respect. Every time you see an ufo is violation of laws on aviation. Such beings can never have respect or decency.We Are Their Neighbours. Even if they are Gods , Holy Gods or melevolent gods or annunakis ,or draconians . They have to Love Us as they Love theirselve . And very fast vehicles with speed of 300 Mach or more have disadvantages. They cannot stand holes in their framework. You don’t have to start a dog-fight to get the holes in it. Just launch in the Fly direction. WE have to hurry.When the time is there technologically its to be done.To supply Drones with Biometric Software in Special Projects. to react only : A. When Feature or being is not Terrestrial. B. On ( any ) vehicles with a speed > Mach 70 .;GOD BLESS YOU ! GOD BLESS YOU !

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