Online Discussion

The intervention is the most dangerous event occurring in the world today. Anyone who becomes aware of it will certainly experience a need to communicate, connect and discuss this important issue others.

Below are frequently updated links to current forum discussions where you share your thoughts with others (submit new ones here).

We do not endorse the content of these web sites nor the content of these forum discussions. We include these links solely to help you find online discussions about the Intervention and the Allies of Humanity Briefings.


Discussion at the Project Avalon forum

Discussion at the Alien Abductee Support Forum



DavidIcke Forum


3 responses to “Online Discussion

  1. Hey all everyone1, just become a member of . I have spent five hours looking out in the net, till I have discovered this community forum! I believe, I will certainly stay here for a long time. kool forum.

    Many thanks to the internet you can now be a stay at dwelling dad and do extra with your day than modify diapers and mash bananas for very little ones. Or revisit your geometry lessons for the older ones.

  2. Hey everyone. I would like to network with people to discuss ideas we can take back to our communities to raise awareness about this issue and resist what is being done to the Earth’s mental environment and what is being planned for humanity.

  3. Hi Bruce, do you happen to be on Facebook? The NMfG students have their own Alien Intervention Resistance Group (AIRG) at

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