Nigeria: The Unknown Visitors

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By Gabriel Ewepu


Shuaibu expectedly panicked and began to run out of the shallow river, and the hovering object slowly glided after him in pursuit. It was after he ran out of the banks of the river and to the edge of the small mountain that he breathlessly turned to look back at the strange object; he then saw that the huge saucer had stopped at the edge of the river, and was very calm and steady as if some people were inside the object watching him intently.

This story told by one Ibrahim, is a characteristic encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object [UFO] or flying saucer, popular in the Western world. In fact, polls have shown that one out of every four American believes that UFOs exist and are visiting the earth on a regular basis; and an estimated four million Americans claim to have seen a UFO, with some having encountered the alien beings in the object. The question is sometimes asked as to why UFOs are not seen in Africa. But many informed researchers are quick to give the simple answer; they are seen, all the time and as much as anywhere else.

Professor Oko Offoboche, an Abuja-based metaphycist, IT specialist and researcher, said that the reason why the UFO phenomenon is not visible in this part of the world is because much of Africa’s populations still live traditional lives in isolated rural areas, and aliens and UFOs seem to prefer clandestine visitations, and aerial manifestations at local interior locations. According to him, “Most Africans do not have access to the internet, communications networks or media outlets that westerners take for granted. Most do not own mobile phones with or without cameras. As a result, virtually all UFO sightings remain unreported but by no means forgotten by those that experience them.”

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