Internet UFO Resource List

This posting is not an endorsement of the content available through the following website but it is an interesting collection of and attempt to consolidate the numerous UFO websites and blogs on the internet.

UFO NET Global

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UFO NET Global is a network of UFO-related web sites. Of course, what this means to you depends on your definition of a network. Let us share with you our interpretation of a few words that will allow you to see just what we’re talking about:

A Network is a group of individuals and organizations who have something in common (in this case, UFOs) and work together to empower each individual member to be the best they can be. It provides some type of system to allow its members to contact each other, (e.g., a mailing list, providing email addresses and other contact information).


The main reason we decided to break the topic of UFOs out into its own network is that it seems to be one of the largest New Age topics covered on the Web — and the number of web sites dedicated to providing UFO-related material is growing daily. In addition, we at VJ Enterprises feel that the topic of UFOs is one of the most important issues of the 90’s that will shape our future and the evolution of humanity. We also feel intuitively that absolute proof of the existence of UFOs does already exist and such evidence will be presented to the public in the not-too-distant future. Therefore, our objective here is simply to act as a guide, as another source of information which is doing its best to point those who have a strong interest in the UFO Phenomena in various directions, helping to inform and educate the public about these incredible history-breaking events.

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