CIA’s “Vault”

6 strange sightings from the CIA’s declassified UFO files

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By Evan Dashevsky

Previously on DVICE, we examined once-secret FBI documents from the Bureau’s investigations into freaky, unexplained phenomena. These glimpses into the real-life X-Files were made public via various Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) requests and subsequently posted for all to peruse on the agency’s online “Vault”.

As it turns out, the FBI isn’t the only government body with a history of investigating mysterious activity. FoIA-liberated documents from the Central Intelligence Agency show how America’s stealthy strike force has had a keen interest in strange “aerial phenomena” from all around the world.


On the CIA’s version of The Vault (the less sexily-titled “Electronic Reading Room”), you can find more than 240 publicly available documents related to “unidentified flying objects” spanning more than 50 years. The documents are a mixture of first-hand accounts from field agents as well as summaries of press coverage of strange, unexplained events.

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