UFOs research reveals hybrid human aliens who want The Change in 2011

Full Article at http://www.huliq.com/10282/ufos-research-reveals-hybrid-human-aliens-who-want-change-2011

Submitted by Dave Masko

While it’s true that the extravagance of UFO claims over the past 60 years far outstrips the supporting evidence; what about hybrid human aliens who live on this Earth, state UFO experts and thousands of once top secret government UFO documents that point to a rash in abductions.

Many believe that there is “proof” that hybrid human-aliens exist on Earth; while these “hybrids” point to something they’ve dubbed as “The Change” happening in 2011 that will create a new morass of UFO confusion in the scientific community.  The hybrids are often quoted in interviews, or from myth created by fans or believers who “channel” thoughts and ideas.  In fact, there’s new efforts “to analyze UFO-and-abduction phenomenon’s similarities to ancient myths and legends,” says David M. Jacobs, editor of UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge.”  Jacobs advises all people to “sort out the signal from the noise surrounding this complex and controversial subject.”

In turn, other UFO abduction experts point to good reasons why they believe in UFOs and aliens here on Earth either involved in abductions or as hybrids.  The experts outline the difference, for example, between the stimulus (puzzling sightings and encounters) and the stimulated (witnesses, investigators, theorists, skeptics and spiritual seekers) to reveal “a complex and shifting phenomenon that continues to challenge our understanding of reality,” writes Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Encyclopedia.

Full Article at http://www.huliq.com/10282/ufos-research-reveals-hybrid-human-aliens-who-want-change-2011


One response to “UFOs research reveals hybrid human aliens who want The Change in 2011

  1. The human beings are not capable to understand reality; even so science and technology are so advance that ,only could believe in what the majority saying, such religion. I came to the point God help the one’s help themselves. We now know the earth is round also the other planets and the Universe are much bigger than most still do not want comprehend. It is thousands of planets and the earth not that big. Even if didn’t seeing anything to do with UFO; I will still believe has to be other kind of creatures on the same Constellation of ours, or others, because so many cannot be, not having some creatures even more intelligent than human beings. Over hear always wars and trying understanding just the occult like God. You know a few years ago in Canada; I saw for so long three flying sources up further were planes cannot go, their moving side by side then two of them went faster, I am saying faster and the other afterwards more fast to catch in up with other two. The velocity was tremendous and was not a comet. But for a wail their seems to compete, because was back and force at various types of velocity. But them was at the levels from the earth around the stars. I didn’t tell anybody of such curiosity of mine.
    I could jock about super-man; no wasn’t a plane has to be Superman, but must be some type of vehicle from another planet. A.Oscar

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