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There are many different schools of thought on the experience of alien abduction.  When we look at it objectively it can range anywhere from a wonderful enlightening experience to a terrifying and mysterious nightmare to haunt the victim till the end of their days.  But often in these experiences, former captives of alien abduction will report feeling a phenomenon known as theophany.  This feeling gives them a greater connectiveness to the rest of the universe and helps them deal with the experience in a positive way.  But is it real?  Or artificially generated?

There are a number of elements to the UFO narrative that seem to suggest the beings involved have an incredible capability for manipulating matter and energy – even to the point where they can telepathically flood the senses with information and even convince people of things that they ordinarily would not believe.  Indeed the very experience itself of alien abduction could be generated entirely artificially according to some theories of the phenomenon – meaning whoever is at the controls behind these experiences may be fully aware of how the abductee is experiencing it all.  And what better way of controlling the experience than to simply fill them with a sense that it could be somehow connected to something larger than the human race?

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