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Full Article at http://www.openminds.tv/argentinean-air-force-ufo-commission-709/

Argentinean Air Force launches new UFO commission

By Antonio Huneeus

In a story published on this site last December we reported that the Argentinean Air Force (AAF) was in the process of setting up a UFO Commission, which triggered a lot of excitement in Argentina’s ufological community and media. True to their word, the AAF launched officially their Commission for the Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena (Spanish acronym CIFA) at a ceremony last Thursday May 26 at the Condor Building in Buenos Aires, the AAF Headquarters where the Commission will operate.

Full Article at http://www.openminds.tv/argentinean-air-force-ufo-commission-709/


Full Article at http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999549.php

UFO disclosure by Russia to occur by 2012

By Michael Cohen

On establishing the event as fact, President Medvedev, is believed to have commissioned a group of researchers attached to the Murmansk Geophysical Institute to overhaul old protocol regarding open contact with aliens and establish new guidelines based on peace and co-operation.
Since these developments UFO events have increased dramatically: Earlier this year a UFO was tracked travelling above Russia at super-fast speeds and its occupants were recorded communicating in what was described by a control tower employee as “Cat Language”.

Full Article at http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999549.php


Full Article at http://weirdnews.aol.com/2011/06/10/australia-x-files-missing-ufo-files_n_873219.html

Australia’s UFO X-Files Have Disappeared

By Lee Speigel

In case you missed this little item in the news, it appears that Australia’s military has somehow misplaced its “X-Files” — official records of UFO sightings.

After a two-month search, an Australian Department of Defense spokeswoman
simply said, “The files could not be located and Headquarters Air Command
formally advised that this file is deemed lost.”

How does this happen? How can documents, some of which are previously
considered too sensitive for public consumption, just casually vanish?

What seems to have slipped through some of the red-tape cracks in this story
is that the loss of UFO files — some big ones — has happened before, in other
countries, and with no substantial conspiratorial backlash.

Full Article at http://weirdnews.aol.com/2011/06/10/australia-x-files-missing-ufo-files_n_873219.html


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