International Sightings

Some International reports on UFO sightings.

From Russia
By Antonio Huneeus
A news report broadcast by Gubernia TV in Russia about a multiple-witness sighting of a large UFO—posted on YouTube on May 12—has elicited considerable attention in several ufological news forums, particularly in Italy, but little else in the Western mainstream media. The case occurred in the village of Lesopilniy in the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East and it involved dozens of witnesses, including soldiers at a military base nearby who fired artillery shells at the UFO without harming it…
From China
By Michael Cohen
UFO and alien events are becoming a daily event in China, causing panic amongst some citizens and provoking curiosity in others. In response to this situation the Chinese government has taken the unusual step of dispatching UFO researchers to schools across the nation in what many see as a step towards preparing the younger generation for open contact with aliens in the near future. Meanwhile government officials are liaising with astronomical stations in various locations in an effort to keep track of alien incursions into China’s airspace…

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