Alien Abductees

A blog post that delves into various experiences/ interpretations of the abduction phenomenon.

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by Bobby Morrison

When talking about alien abductees it seems a common practice is to lump all alien abductees into one category. An easy thing to do and I have done this myself so I know a bit about the subject.

Another common mistake is thinking that all abductees must be experiencing the same things and if someone comes along and says something different or sees things in a different way than someone must be lying, someone is trying to deceive, either intentionally or unintentionally.

I clearly recall having read two books written by abductees, and with each book I only read about half the book and I lost interest because these experiences did not match mine, therefore I assumed what I was reading could not be true. This book does not make sense to me; it can’t be true, this person lying.


We both assumed that we were both abducted by the same aliens and we both should have the same experiences and since we don’t one of us must be wrong. And it’s entirely possible we both were abducted by the same aliens but we could have both been treated differently and/or we both came away from the experience with different ideas. And it’s a fact the aliens will treat different humans differently. The aliens will do whatever it takes to gain your trust, to change you system of believes, to want you to be abducted by them, to think and believe they are humanity’s savior. I could easily go on for paragraphs with reason after reason but you get the point.

If you think these aliens are the greatest thing since sliced bread it’s obvious these aliens treated you differently than someone like myself who talks back, fights them every chance I get, tell them they lie and deceive and threaten them with death.

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