Human progress,Earth’s future could be related to UFOs

A blog Commentary from Steve Hammon

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Human progress,Earth’s future could be related to UFOs

By Steve Hammons

Have we acquired advanced technologies from contact with extraterrestrials? Many credible researchers who have looked into the general topic of alleged UFO incidents and evidence say the answer is yes.

Although average people might conclude that Earthly human consciousness might not be ready for more advanced technological knowledge, it could be the case that we are already engaged in this expansion of our understanding.

If certain elements of governmental defense, intelligence and scientific communities have already obtained some of this advanced technology, what have they done with it?


The smooth and seamless transition of new technologies into the larger human society might be the easy part. A more complex challenge could involve preparing Earth humans for new awareness about the Universe, other intelligent life and the nature of human consciousness.

Would such an ongoing transition be part of a secret master plan or just the natural progression of our overall understanding? Probably both.

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