More WikiLeaks UFO Information Emerges

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Stand by UFO fans, it appears that WikiLeaks has released some additional information on the U.S. diplomatic cables that mention UFOs and extraterrestrial activities. These cables are a result of several thousand such bits of information that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced weeks ago that he had that held classified information proving the existence and worldwide cover up of aliens and UFOs.

One cable that spoke on the Russians and the money that they had been spending on UFO research before the end of the cold war was previously released in the beginning of the year.

The cable was based on statements by Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus., in which he spoke on the fact that the Soviet Union used to have unlimited funding for UFO and extraterrestrial study.

This new cable is from November 2005 and contains information that states the U.S. State Department was allegedly telling U.S. Embassy employees in the Ukraine to not talk about any UFOs that were entering the Earth’s orbit or talk about any concerns the Department of Defense had on these incidents.

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