Argentina Plans UFO Commission

A second posting on this subject

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By ParaNikki

Argentina released information yesterday stating that they will be investigating all UFO reports to Presna Latina, a Latin America News Agency.  The investigations will start with a commission they are forming that will be made up of specialists in meteorological service, pilots, astronomers, doctors and radar and land experts.  The announcement was accompanied by the government leaders saying that they are now viewing UFO’s as a matter of national security.

The Air Force said there had been many times that combat planes had reported following objects they could not identify over Argentina, that were visually spotted or seen on radar, leading them to use resources whether or not a commission exists.  Often times, these events took place over restricted air space.   Additionally, the local media gave their input saying that they receive dozens of photographs weekly.  In both situations, it sometimes is simply a plane or bird in flight and the media admits they have been the victim of hoax videos and photographs, however, there are times where everyone is left wondering.


Surrounding countries have become civilian friendly with their cases and each have their own commission.  Brazil, for instance, has the ‘System for the Investigation of  Unidentified Aerial who has also recently released their so called ‘UFO files’ to the public through use of the archives in Rio de Janeiro.

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