2010: A Big Year for UFOs

An interesting listing of UFO related items from 2010-with links to the pertinent stories.  I have only selected a couple of examples.  You need to visit the webpage for the comprehensive listings.

From AOL News

By Lee Speigel

Like a bad penny that keeps showing up, UFOs have been around on a regular basis from antiquity through modern day. And as 2010 unfolded, the UFO mythology was alive and well.

Famed British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the pope’s astronomer, a high-ranking Italian politician and even the late Winston Churchill (according to recently unearthed documents) helped keep UFOs in the news.

And sightings of unexplained flying objects came in from all over the world.

Let’s take a look back at some of the more interesting, strange and funny stories involving UFOs and the possibilities of contact with ETs that appeared on our pages.

It’s always good to approach a subject like UFOs from an academic perspective, like this New York state anthropology professor who insisted that, not only should UFOs be taken seriously, but they belong in the college curriculum.

The longstanding debate over whether or not we should try to make contact with space aliens reared its head during 2010. Astrophysicist Hawking cautioned that any communication with extraterrestrials might pose a huge risk for earthlings.


Rounding out this UFO year, the latest entry in the which-country-will-be-next-to-release-UFO-files competition, it’s close encounters of the Kiwi kind. New Zealand made more than 2,000 pages of formerly classified documents public just before Christmas — reports spanning nearly 60 years.

From AOL News


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