Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission on Denver Ballot Denied by Voters

Full Article at http://alienabductionsexposed.com/extraterrestrial-affairs-commission-on-denver-ballot-denied-by-voters/:

Denver Initiative 300 was overwhelmingly rejected by the city’s voters in Tuesday’s election. Initiative 300 sought to institute an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission that would help document credible witness reports by Denver citizens concerning UFO or alien encounters and release that information to organizations capable of dealing with the matter in a responsible way.

Jeff Peckman and the Initiative attempted to convey important facts to the public regarding the government’s continued cover-up of UFO and extraterrestrial evidence. They believe based on information from countless witnesses from various sources including the Disclosure Project that the government has access to alien technology that could replace our dependence on fossil fuels and help with medical procedures including healing numerous life-threatening diseases.

The initiative was touted as being of no cost to taxpayers as it would be funded completely by grants, gifts and donations. The vote count showed 106,776 to 20,162 or 84 percent against the proposal. The initiative’s website at http://www.extracampaign.org has a wealth of information available regarding extraterrestrials, the alleged government cover-up of UFOs and aliens as well as evidence from the Disclosure Project.

Full Article at http://alienabductionsexposed.com/extraterrestrial-affairs-commission-on-denver-ballot-denied-by-voters/:


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