Unexpected Development: MUFON Maverick Breaks Ranks, Supports Billy Meier UFO Case!

From UFO Digest

Submitted by Michael Horn

In an unexpected development pertaining to the evidence rich, but widely censored, Billy Meier UFO contact case in Switzerland, a prominent long time director for MUFON, the most well known international UFO investigation organization, broke ranks with official policy and expressed his support for the Meier case.

George A. Filer, MUFON’s Eastern Region Director and a retired Major in the USAF, prominently displayed one of Meier’s UFO photographs from the pre-computer 1970s, along with information about high level scientific support for the case. He also endorsed the assessment of authenticity by another trusted military man, the late Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, who was the lead independent investigator in the case.

According to Michael Horn, the U.S. media representative for the Swiss contactee, “Recent revelations called into question MUFON’s failure to ever investigate the almost 70 year-long, still ongoing UFO case. So when a widely respected investigator like Major Filer shows himself to be a maverick in search of the truth, it’s certain to encourage broader scientific examination into Meier’s evidence. There are many ‘regulars’ in the so-called ‘UFO community’ who have been content to recycle and rehash unprovable, anecdotal information and make a career out of it. Fortunately we have a notable exception here.”

“The whole UFO phenomenon has been, often deservedly, viewed as a fringe topic. But suddenly even the major networks are covering reported sightings of UFOs, though most are really only secret military craft. The one taboo, of course continues to be the Meier case; it’s verifiably extraterrestrial evidence and content are viewed as threatening to our political and religious systems by those that want to maintain complete societal control. But that fear has resulted in very important information being withheld from the public. And, ironically, various investigative organizations, like MUFON, have been as suppressive as the mainstream media,” according to Horn.

From UFO Digest


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