The UFO Phenomenon Needs to Be Looked at with All Sobriety and Seriousness

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There are those who refuse to truly look at the UFO phenomenon from a serious angle. Their takes on the UFO phenomenon are like pages out of the Theater of the Absurd, many a time.

Serious researchers into the UFO phenomenon know that most UFO reports can be explained by perfectly terrestrial means. But, that fact does not negate the UFO phenomenon as a possible truly extraterrestrial phenomenon.

UFO sightings or encounters that cannot be explained by terrestrial means of any kind. There are approximately 6% of all UFO-related cases that remain beyond the bounds of fraud, lies, illusions, mistaken perceptions, secret military operations, or fantasies posing as memories. This percentile, while small, yields literally over a thousand cases (and growing) of truly inexplicable events that can quite possibly, given the laws of probability and sufficiently open minds, mean that extraterrestrial craft or beings could indeed be visiting us here on the watery planet that we call Earth. This percentile has also been arrived at as an average of remaining open cases by different, independent researchers and investigating agencies. So, it is a number that is quite accurate and has been scientifically arrived at.

There are those, however, who don’t want to recognize that some cases are “better” than other cases. In short, the 6% are better than the other 94%. This is simple logic: the 6% are open, while the 94% are “case closed”. Closed cases are no good for any further investigation; however, the 6% that are open require further investigation because so far we do not know what the underlying causes of the events or phenomena are. Yet, there are those who want to lump all of the cases together like one giant mound of mashed potatoes. There is just no logic to this, and it reeks of the democratization (read: the making into mediocrity) of everything under the sun moon stars rain. There has to be a separating of the wheat from the chaff. Not everything of a particular topic is of the same quality. It is ridiculous to think otherwise.

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One response to “The UFO Phenomenon Needs to Be Looked at with All Sobriety and Seriousness

  1. Im not a believer of much, but I HAVE seen unexplained flying objects, one was actually in daylight on a perfectly clear day. travelled parallel my vehicle for miles.

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