“THE EVENT”- a blog posting on this new TV show

From UFO News Club

I am amazed by the onslaught of a television show that will air on 09/20/2010 called THE EVENT a black President will attempt to disclose to the American People UFO’s are real and we are being visited. Yesterday at work I was speaking with my supervisor and in passing, we, at times, banter about the UFO issue. And he made an interesting statement, him being a Protestant Christian and a Clinical Social Worker, “They are begining to desensitize the people.” 

I have beeen seeing some videos and lectures by Richard Dolan, MSW in History who writes detailed books and gives lectures on UFO’s. I recently discovered him on YOUTUBE and his lectures appear solid. Another movie being released I believe in November 2010 call SKYLINE about UFO’s and a certain comment made by Dr, Stephen Hawkings paraprhasing “UFO/Alien contact could be dangerous to our world”. There is a possible attempt, it appears, more and more shows, writers, in the upper scale echelon, will begin a new wave of UFO research, with more solid research and science. I think as the Vatican, and major Super Powers around the world disclose the ET presence in our Universe, visiting our planet, The United States will slowly come out with more information, leak more and more as we slowly digest the reality We are not Alone. 

It was well noted during WWII the US was invovled in the movie making bussiness purely for propaganda to continue the War efforts and to gain more support for the war. I think maybe this is being done on a continual basis as we will (most likely) see more and more media type shows and movies concerning the reality of the UFO/ET phenomenon. I am excited as the prospects of disclosure in my life time. Many can find Steven Bassette at his WEBSITE Paradigm Research Group who has begun a world wide effort with many countries to assist in documenting reporting UFO’s on a major global scale.

From UFO News Club


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