MUFON State Director compares alien abductions with CIA renditions, MKULTRA mind-control torture

From The Examiner

“If the US government kidnapped you and took you out for a steak dinner and gave you a feeling of ecstasy, how would you regard that?” asked Elaine Douglass, MUFON State Director for Utah and Board Editor, Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR). Ms. Douglass spoke to Vancouver-based The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition, comparing alien abduction to illegal CIA rendition and MKULTRA mind-control torture. Her remarks highlighted the case of Roy Wells, an abductee whose hypnotic regressions under hypnotherapist Deborah Lindemann revealed a series of startling memories. His memories described events taking place in a deep black world of government/ET collusion that reads like a galactic Taguba Report. The Roy Wells story, as reported in both JAR 8 and JAR 9, includes both the use of leashes on human beings and naked parading of men and women before military and intelligence services personel. The Taguba Report is the common name for a US military inquiry conducted in 2004 into intentional abuses of prisoners being held at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Readers can request their own free copy of JAR 9 by sending their request to


From the JAR website: “The mission of JAR is to create a global platform on which to debate the significance of the extraterrestrial presence. JAR will publish all cogently argued points of view that give us insight about who the UFO intelligences are, what they are doing, what they want, how human beings are reacting to them, and how the extraterrestrial presence may influence the future of the human race. All ufology know we are living through the opening stages of the most important development in human history. What is the nature of this development? How are we to react to it?

Many answers lie in study of the abduction-encounters. That is the window through which we must look to see the UFO people who have come here. We must look at the abduction-encounters, and then at the spreading impacts of these encounters in society.

Answers? There will be many. There already are. And they differ. We at JAR see a great worldwide debate opening. We intend to carry that debate and we invite you to participate in it with us.

These are unprecedented times. The UFO community is in possession of precious information. Only the UFO community is aware extraterrestrials are present in our society. The abductions are part of that presence. We must understand the abductions!

First contact is unfolding before our eyes, yet only the UFO community can see it. Yes, the deep recesses of the American, and other governments see it, but they aren’t talking. So who is to interpret this advent of the alien? The public at large? Where? In America? France? India? They cannot.

Worldwide, the people know UFOs are real. The know strange things are in the skies. But they do not know the “phenomena” has landed. They do not know large forces are operating unseen upon the face of the planet, forces that would write our destiny. Only the UFO community possesses this information. Shall we let it go unremarked upon? Undebated? Uninterpreted?

JAR asks these questions: What are the aliens doing? And what do they want? Already many answers to these questions are circulating. Some humans are pleased with what the UFO people are doing. Some are not. It will be well if history records that even while the masses of people remained mute, and the governments of the world were silent, our small UFO community opened the debate on behalf of the human race.”

From The Examiner


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