Only a Matter of Time

 It was only a matter of time before this issue was put into a video gaming context

‘Abduction’ puts gamers into the pilot seat of a UFO, and charges them with abducting as many humans and animals as possible. The gruesome goal? Grinding their bodies into delicious “Man-In-A-Can,” the dish of choice for discerning extraterrestrials. The UFO’s movement is controlled with the WASD keys, while its tractor beam is controlled with the mouse. Players must skillfully evade planes and projectiles while trying to collect the screaming innocents. For each creature sucked into the UFO’s maw, a player receives money, which can then be used to upgrade various parts of the ship, from beam strength to ship speed. Meanwhile, collecting several creatures of the same type will net players combo scores (which translate into still more money). Gory, but great.


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