Astronomical Pictures of our Greater Community

Today’s post is just a collection of some rather beautiful pictures of the universe we live in.  To put our own planet and lives here into perspective.

First Post:

JULY 6, 2010: Like a July 4 fireworks display, a young, glittering collection of stars looks like an aerial burst. The cluster is surrounded by clouds of interstellar gas and dust—the raw material for new star formation. The nebula, located 20,000 light-years away in the constellation Carina, contains a central cluster of huge, hot stars, called NGC 3603. Star clusters like NGC 3603 provide important clues to understanding the origin of massive star formation in the early, distant universe.

This Hubble Space Telescope image was captured in August 2009 and December 2009 with the Wide Field Camera 3 in both visible and infrared light, which trace the glow of sulfur, hydrogen, and iron.

Second Post (can’t extract picture but worth a look):  View the Universe in Different Wavelengths at

Third Post

HCG 87: A Small Group of Galaxies


One response to “Astronomical Pictures of our Greater Community

  1. My take on the many visitations planet Earth has witnessed in the last 5,000 years from extraterrestrials is we are being observed as a society of “intelligent beings”. What we see these days (the last 60 years) are the EBE’s (extraterrestrial biological entities) taking data on all of humanity: Our countries of peoples, our constructions, our wars, our technology and our means of coping as multiple societies. It’s as though space travel is still too hostile for the inhabitants of distant planets to traverse. So, they send the EBE’s to collect data on us. I really think Earth will be left alone for the most part for obsevational reasons.

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