UFO Disclosure 2010: Telepathy Necessary For Communication

From Basil and Spice

Mental telepathy is the advanced transfer of thoughts, feelings, or information from one being to another, by using the mind of course.  Though many have not developed their minds to the extent that this capability is possible, it certainly would be practical.   It is thought that almost any person can be taught CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), a type of applied parapsychology which allows the viewer to locate information hidden within the subconscious and bring it to the surface of the conscious.  The human body acts as the go-between or translator for the process.  This system also includes the harvesting of thoughts, as indicated by former U.S. government psi spy Lyn Buchanan in his book, The Seventh Sense.  If so, then the case can be made that telepathy itself could be taught.

The teaching of thought transference as telepathy used to be known, is a necessity.  A lost art or talent, gone to ground with ancient and native cultures (our ancestors)—the ability to send and receive information without the use of electronic devices would greatly enhance every aspect of society and its development.

Today’s remote viewers have shown that their work is invaluable when discovering the secrets of enemies.  But outside the history of the military, telepathy will prove necessary for communicating with a variety of groups, including aliens.

Many reports from witnesses, both official and civilian, have stated that extraterrestrial communication is through telepathy, and is extremely strong and well developed.  Humans, to the point of losing their own free will, were directed physically and emotionally during encounters with aliens by thoughts forced on them.  Jim Moroney, author of The Extraterrestrial Answer Book and himself an abductee, writes “Transpersonal psychology, with its emphasis on spiritually transformative processes and their manifestations  (telepathy, clairvoyance, etc), seems uniquely suited to this role.”

Another author, the late John E. Mack, M.D., Harvard Medical School professor and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, had much to say on the use of telepathy between humans and aliens in his book Abduction.  “The transmission of information from the alien beings to the experiencers appears to be a fundamental aspect of the abduction phenomenon.…Information during abductions appears to be transmitted in two forms—by direct, mind-to-mind conveyance, or through depiction of phenomena or events on television-like screens.”

From Basil and Spice


2 responses to “UFO Disclosure 2010: Telepathy Necessary For Communication

  1. Jeroen Wanders

    Great article,I stopped using my mobile phone for almost a year now!watch less tv and try to use the internet for more awarness and e-mail only.
    If enough people realise this and we get in touch with our lost talents, it would be a great step forward for humanity.
    I will let more people read your article hope its an inspiration

  2. In talking about telepathy, let us not forget the findings of former CIA polygraph operator Cleve Backster who discovered quite by accident that plant cells exhibit a telepathy of their own. It only takes about 2 hrs. for a plant to “get to know” a person as its provider. Experiments have shown that when that plant’s provider decides to return home, the plant displays a “galvanic response” at the moment that decision is made. Distance appears to be irrelevant as this has been done at 15 and 3,000 miles separation from Provider to plant.

    Actually, its the individual cells in the plant that possess this communication capability. Further findings have shown that – any – living cell has this “primary perception” capability. F. L. Kunz reports that mold cultures, yeasts, scrapings from the roof of the mouth of a human, blood samples and spermatozoa all have this remarkable perception capability.

    Further experiments by Backster have confirmed that not only is distance not an impediment to these signals, but, lead, copper and cement walls do not stop the signals.

    Google “Cleve Backster” for some interesting reading.

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