Ancient Visitors-An explanation of Extra-Terrestrial Existence

Since The History Channel has been running a series on “Ancient Aliens”  this might be a germane posting

From Bukisa

Aug 29th, 2009 by Rushin

Did ETs visit the earth in ancient times? Are myths and legends of our ancestors encountering UFOs and beings from distant planets true, or are they simply fairytales? Truth is often stranger than fiction. If, like some of the evidence proposed by UFOlogists suggest, and ancient civilizations were visited by aliens, the old maxim would certainly prove to be correct.

I wrote this for an ISRO essay competition. The material is all obtained from the World-wide-web, but the sources are pretty trustworthy.
Have ETs been visiting the earth for millions of years?Did our distant ancestors witness UFOs?

Well, according to some serious UFO researchers there is plenty of evidence to suggest so. Figures of ‘Space people’ and UFOs, they say, are depicted in ancient cave drawings and can be found on age-old pottery. Furthermore, they claim many myths and legends, and even the Bible and other sacred texts from around the world, contain corroborative evidence for such a startling theory. Have extraterrestrials been visiting the earth since ancient times?

Well, according to some serious UFO researchers there’s a distinct possibility. And among corroborative evidence for this startling theory they cite ancient cave paintings, pottery, and sculpture; myths, legends, and even passages of the Bible and other religious texts. All we must do, they say, is stop treating these sacred writings and primitive art forms as made-up stories or nonsense, and start looking upon them as actual eye-witness accounts.

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