Another wave of UFO sightings reported last month in Florida

As if Disney World and Universal Studios were not enough to draw tourist to the Sunshine State, Florida now appears to be the place to go to see a UFO.

Witnesses there reported UFO sightings on March 10 and March 30, according to the online UFO newsletter “Filer’s Files,” compiled by George Filer.

Here’s a report from Clearwater: “I almost expected to see a plane crash as the blue-green light was so bright at 9:15 p.m., on March 30 … however, there was no sound. I saw what looked like a searchlight but there was no plane or helicopter in sight…. The light appeared 60 to 70 feet off the ground and moved from southwest to northeast over our neighborhood. A friend saw a similar light moving from the north to the south over the local beach several nights ago at nearly the same time of night. Blue-green, close to the ground – moved quickly and disappeared. I felt a strange feeling that there must be something going on.”

Filer says that account was recorded by Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, who reports that multiple motorists in Tampa saw 30-40 flying objects there about 10 p.m. on March 30:

“We all stopped our cars and stared at this strange event. At least 10 cars and 20 people stopped, and I spoke to a few of them. They all asked the same question, ‘Did you guys see that? What is it?’”

From the Ledge Inquirer


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